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Steel and Vinyl Siding

Protect your home's exterior for years to come

In Amarillo and the panhandle region we offer two types of siding, steel and vinyl. Both are beneficial when it comes to thermal value and durability. We have access to several different siding manufacturers, giving us the ability to find a siding product that fits every style and budget. There are a wide variety of different colors, finishes, and profiles of siding to choose from.


Steel Siding

Modern steel siding is PVC coated (not painted) therefore having a finish resistant to chipping and chalking. The older steel siding finish from the late 70's into the early 90's was actually painted on. This had negative effects such as the paint flaking off (chipping) or when your fingers came into contact with the finish it would leave a powdery residue from your fingertips (chalking). The industry relinquished the old coating process and has since started from the ground up by applying a new and innovative style of finish known as "PVC coating". This type of finish is a heavy duty vinyl resin coating baked onto the steel panels. Most PVC finishes come with a lifetime warranty against peeling, chipping or chalking. With steel siding, 3/4" foam insulation is applied before installation, providing an R value of 4.5. Steel siding is easy to maintain, and at most only needs washed off with a water hose periodically.

Vinyl Siding

The base ingredient of vinyl siding is "polyvinyl chloride"(PVC), with an assortment of polymers added to make the product even stronger. PVC is attractive to the construction and siding industry because it is biologically and chemically resistant. Vinyl siding is very low maintenance, making upkeep as simple as washing it off with a water hose periodically. With vinyl siding, there are options when it comes to insulation. The 3/4" foam sheets and " form fitting " sheets, which are made to fit the exact profile of the siding providing a solid "backer" essentially making it resistant to hail damage.

Benefits of Siding

  • Increased thermal value
  • Increased durability
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Never needs painting
  • Hail resistant
  • Eco-friendly

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