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Window Awnings

Accent your home or business with custom window awnings

As new homes are built everyday, we are seeing less and less awnings over windows. Back in the fifties just about every house had windows awnings, and for good reason. Awnings seem to belong on the older classic style homes traditionally, however any window facing east or west would benefit by having an awning to keep the sun out. Installing awnings in those sun exposed areas can do wonders for your energy bills. Of course the windows are now more thermal than before and some have insulated glass, but imagine standing fully exposed to that hot sun day in and day out with no protection. Eventually, the hot sun will burn through that glass and begin to fade curtains, carpets, furniture and virtually anything in its path.

With all the new styles of building products and eclectic designs available on todays market, it's no challenge to custom build an awning that will match your buildings aesthetics and complete its appearance. Whether you wish to have canvas or metal, frame style or suspended, we can customize window awnings for any situation.

Benefits of Window Awnings

  • Shade and comfort
  • Reduce interior fading
  • Add style and character
  • Protect windows and screens